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The Flywalk

A new way to get meaningful info from minute creatures Although not known for its beauty or its brains, the common fruit fly has won the devotion of scientists around the world thanks to its many traits that make it … Continue reading

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The Brain, Music and Artificial Intelligence

The SPECS lab puts their stuff on display in Barcelona! The Spanish Society of Neuroscience, has declared 2012 Neuroscience Year in Spain. The year-long celebration serves as a way to bring neuroscience to the public and promote the dissemination of … Continue reading

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Robots and Royalty

icub meets Spain’s Prince and Princess of Asturias, Don Felipe and Doña Letizia at the Campus Party Milenio, Granada The event is being celebrated from the 12th -26th of October to mark the  the millennium of the Kingdom of Granada. … Continue reading

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Beyond the Body

The Multimodal Brain Orchestra Visual art, music and dance allow people to express their emotional experiences and put them on display for others. By using their bodies people produce masterpiece paintings, play glorious symphonies or put on amazing dance recitals … Continue reading

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