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Cyborg Snails

Snails team up with biofuel cells to make electricity Sugar is what provides  energy for many animals but what if it could provide something more? Biofuel cells are capable of converting chemical energy into electrical energy.

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The Human Revolution

¨I’m now filming your bionic hand with my bionic eye¨ Protagonist of  Eidos-Montreal’s new video game Deus Ex: Human Revolution,  Adam Jensen is a crime fighting cyborg in the year 2027. Like real-life cyborgs, the video game character underwent radical … Continue reading

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¨Technology’s Helping Us Become More Human¨

Check out Amber Case’s TED talk While ancient and modern tools serve as an extension of our physical selves, today’s technology also allows us to extend our mental selves. This is what Amber Case discusses in a TED talk on … Continue reading

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Get Down With Your Cyborg Side

According to writer, philosopher and cognitive scientist Andy Clark, being a  cyborg is just part of human nature Generally, the term cyborg refers to a biological being whose capabilities have been enhanced by or are dependent on a machine.

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