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This robot’s not snacking on shrimp or plankton to get its energy Many of us consider jellyfish a nuisance when we’re walking along the beach or swimming in salty waves. While some species are highly hazardous, and others are nothing … Continue reading

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Cyborg Snails

Snails team up with biofuel cells to make electricity Sugar is what provides  energy for many animals but what if it could provide something more? Biofuel cells are capable of converting chemical energy into electrical energy.

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Nature Knows Best

Why it’s all about biomimetics Back in the 14th century, a man notorious for both his artistic talent and scientific ability, studied birds in an attempt to create a machine that was capable of flight. Today, Leonardo da Vinci’s endeavour … Continue reading

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Robots Shed Light on Evolutionary Processes

Machines give us clues about communication in the animal kingdom Chimps, birds and bees are just a few of the many animals that communicate with each other when searching for food. Since everyone’s got to eat, communication during foraging is … Continue reading

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Exploring the Softer Side of Things

Why soft robots are all the rage Squids, snails and other invertebrates can do things that animals with hard skeletons can’t. For example they can squeeze through small cracks and move across rough terrain. Likewise, soft-bodied robots have some important … Continue reading

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Wiggling to the Rescue

Check out the worm-bot This robot is modeled after the Caenorhabditis elegans,  a tiny roundworm whose very simple nervous system allows it to carry out complex body movements. Its designer Dr. Jordan Boyle, from the schools of Computing and Mechanical Engineering at the University of Leeds, … Continue reading

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Europe supports new biological approaches for Information and Communications Technology Evolvable hardware, artificial cells, bidirectional interfaces between mechanical and living entities. These are all examples of how biology can be applied to ICT. Tony Prescott, professor of cognitive

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Tissue Engineering

An interdisciplinary field where live cells provide building blocks for engineers. Tissue engineering provides a means for

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Beyond the Body

The Multimodal Brain Orchestra Visual art, music and dance allow people to express their emotional experiences and put them on display for others. By using their bodies people produce masterpiece paintings, play glorious symphonies or put on amazing dance recitals … Continue reading

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Biomechatronics ???

A fascinating field that allows for the revolutionary use of new materials Biomechatronics integrates biological elements into artificial devices. A dynamic is created  where the biological element carries out a specific function to the system, while the artificial device promotes … Continue reading

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