Robots at School

Spelling help robot — Girl, 10, Germany

“What would happen if robots were a part of your everyday life—at school and beyond?”

Latitude, an international research consultancy, asked  nearly 350 children in Australia, France, Germany, South Africa, the UK and the USA to draw a picture and write a story that answers the  question above.

Homework help robot — Boy, 9, Germany

Through this task researchers aimed to take a closer look at the following issues:  What intersections exist between learning, play and creativity, and how might
technology facilitate all three fluidly; What kind of relationships do children hope to develop with and through robots?;  What are the specific opportunities for robots and other technologies to ignite and encourage children’s learning and creativity?

Motivational math robot— Girl, 11, Australia

*Photos are  participant submissions from Latitude’s  study, ¨Robots @ School¨. More information is available HERE.



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