Robot and Frank

Take a sneak peek at a favourite from this year’s Sundance Film Festival

Robot and Frank premiered this week at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah. Directed by Jake Schreier and written by Christopher Ford, this dramatic comedy features a relationship between an elderly man and a robot bought for him by his kids who are concerned about his well being .

Although one of the film’s main protagonists commonly haunts Sci-fi story lines, makers of the film wanted to steer clear of a setting that seemed outlandishly futuristic. Instead, the story takes place in the near future and portrays a very realistic and even plausible relationship between a man, and a machine that slowly grows to be his companion.

Could we have robot companions like this in real life? The robot, that plays alongside actor Frank Langella in the film, may be seen as an archetype for some of today’s robot makers;a machine capable of interacting softly and safely with humans, promoting their independence and well being. Robot Companions for Citizens is a European initiative which envisions robots like this. More information HERE.

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