Safer, Quicker Brain Surgery

Europe develops robots to assist neurosurgeons

The ACTIVE project (Active Constraints Technologies for III-defined or Volatile Environments) is a 4 year European project which started in April of 2011. The ACTIVE project stemmed from a previous European project called ROBOCAST which resulted in the development of new types of robots to assist neurosurgeons.
These robots were recently tested on dummies in keyhole neurosurgery and they were able to both increase a surgeon’s mobility while reducing their tremor 10 fold. Although trials are not yet at the clinical level, this was the first time that robots were tested for such sophisticated surgery.
European Commission Vice-President for the Digital Agenda, Neelie Kroes, is excited and optimistic about this development “If any activity requires precision, it’s neurosurgery, so I am delighted this EU-funded research is helping surgeons and patients to be safer. If we can cut waiting lists and deliver better results for patients as Europe’s population ages, I think EU-funded technology projects like this will pay us back many times over.”

Robot Companions for Citizens is another European funded initiative that aims to maintain the future welfare of Europeans through the use of sophisticated robots. Find out more HERE

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