Luna Lends a Hand…

or at least a metal arm

RoboDynamics has created a new personalized domestic robot: Luna. The robot can help out with all sorts of domestic tasks that you can program for your specific needs. It can help you clean after a party and even walk your dog. Of course other forms of domestic robots exist. Most of us are familiar with the vacuuming robots, lawn mowing robots, and pool cleaning robots which tend to be designed for functionality. Hospitals and city streets have
been using the help of robots for quite some time but recently they have begun  transitioning from use in specialized tasks to general everyday.

In the case of Luna, RoboDynamics wanted to pay special attention to its design so they commissioned the California-based design studio SchultzeWORKS who strove to create ¨an original and compelling techno-beauty that would engage users and invite interaction¨. Although Luna’s appearance may not be off putting, one might question whether the design of this robot is optimally functional. Luna seems to be a little rigid and slow moving in the video pictured above and it’s not exactly clear just how Luna will do what its creators say it can.

Luna will not be available for general release until 2012 however, 1000 will be released later on this year as a limited edition.  Click HERE to request information directly from RoboDynamics.




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