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EU Robotics Week is On!

Check out the calendar to find an event near you! if you’re in London December 1st-4th drop by the London Science museum’s Robotville festival to explore the cultural significance of robots and meet 20 of the most fascinating robots in … Continue reading

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Graphene Graphene Everywhere!

If you plan on researching Graphene, you’re in plenty of company! Last year, Andre Geim and Kostya Novoselov, two researchers from the University of Manchester, won the Nobel prize in Physics for their discovery of a new material: Graphene. How did they … Continue reading

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Furbidden Knowledge

What makes machines more alive than dolls? This episode of the radiolab podcast titled Furbidden Knowledge, features an interview with Freedom Baird a former graduate student at the MIT media lab. During the episode, Baird and hosts perform a so … Continue reading

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Robot Wave Gliders

4 robots have set sail to give us more information on our blue planet It’s a well-known fact that we know more about outer space than we do about our oceans here on earth.  With only about 10% of our … Continue reading

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Luna Lends a Hand…

or at least a metal arm RoboDynamics has created a new personalized domestic robot: Luna. The robot can help out with all sorts of domestic tasks that you can program for your specific needs. It can help you clean after … Continue reading

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A Robot who Really Does the Dirty Deeds

The University of Pennsylvania has a poop-scooping pal Formally the name of the project  responsible for developing this robot is Perception Of Offensive Products and Sensorized Control Of Object Pickup but the acronym POOP SCOOP puts things more bluntly.

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“Thinking” Robots

We’ve been thinking about them for a while… Hiro, a humanoid robot developed by professor Osamu Hasegawa at the Tokyo Institute of Technology has been proclaimed a ¨world first¨for its ability to ¨learn¨from its environment and research relevant information on … Continue reading

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